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Episode 87: The End

Well... that was... the end. Of an era. Of our HBO subscriptions. So listen - we're talking GOT spoilers. If you don't know, don't find out here. We also talk about social media, friendships, being self-centered, and oh yeah... fucking ALABAMA! And Kentucky. And Georgia. SOHs.

Episode 86: Spoilers

Be advised, we are not talking about spoilers being the worst, we are spouting spoilers from the rooftops. You have been warned. We talk over the disappointments of the latest GOT episode, life in general, and always seeing the grass on the other side as greener. 

Episode 85: It’s for Science

Valentina is full of pettiness and rage and Patti listens to too many podcasts. In spite of that, we delve into the hard topics: death, midlife crises, finding fulfillment, the unfairness of people with money being able to do more things, etc. etc. Enjoy!

Episode 84: InSpin

Remember being a teenager and DYING to be an adult so you could run your own life? Turns out that happens pretty fast and it's not all it's cracked up to be. From paying bills to working jobs you hate, today we talk about the worst things about being an adult. Enjoy!

Episode 83: 500 Things

It's all a blur... there are conversations about iconic movies, iconic comedy routines, world-ending natural disasters... You know. The usual.

Episode 82: Us Again

Valentina is allergic to Sundays and Patti can't properly pronounce Jeff Bezos' name. Also in this episode? Weird medical procedures and lessons learned, parents having favorite children, more things you're not allowed to say, and The Mule.

Episode 81: Roadtrips

Sometimes roadtrips are great. Sometimes they are just the worst. Like in today's stories. Kidnapping, child abuse, murder and mayhem... it's enough to make you just want to stay home from here on out.  It's a crazy crazy world out there, filled with crazy crazy people. Keep an eye out, and keep your doors locked. 

Episode 80: Bums

It may be late, but it's still not midnight somewhere. After a harrowing battle with GarageBand, this episode arises triumphant. From bums helplessly drawn to picnic tables, to the construct of time, to the unattainable beauty standards set by the entertainment industry, this one has at all. 

Episode 79: No Saints Here

We've entered an alternate reality where Valentina shows up with a topic and Patti barely shows up. On the list of this week's worst? Cosby, Jackson, C.K., Weinstein, and Carlson. Oh, and we can't forget Mr. No Fun at the office. Somewhere towards the end the topic of the day finally comes up as Val tells us how we are all the worst for knowing so little about a guy named Maewyn Succat. 

Episode 78: Who’s Your Daddy?

We're back and we missed you. A lot has happened in the last two weeks... Val has some confusing 23 and Me results, Leaving Neverland destroyed us both, and we are unable to comprehend all of the things we are no longer supposed to say.